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Rock Roller's Cave

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Hi everyone!

I finally had enough energy to make a simple test site for my Boulder Dash inspired game project. It is not a clone - it borrows something but it is different in many ways and tries to introduce lots of new gameplay elements, for example team play (you sometimes have to switch between two heroes). The idea is also to be more about solving different kinds of puzzles, not about time limits and fast reflexes.

Gameplay and graphics engine (using Unity3D) are already quite solid but all art (models, textures, samples etc.) are just ugly placeholders. What I am hoping by releasing this demo is that some skilled artists might want to join the project and help me turn this into a real game. But we'll see about that...

The demo has 25 levels (some of which are hidden). You should be able to run the demo in a browser in Windows and Mac if you install Unity Player as instructed:

Feel free to give all kind of feedback. You don't have to tell me the graphics and samples suck - I know that - but if you have any gameplay ideas or comments about levels, items, controls or anything, let me know!
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